About us

Muster auto Seating Designs was a modest start in 2000 with the sole idea of providing customers car furnishing solutions which are made from the best leather and synthetic materials available. Haitton is their brand name under which the various products are being sold. Muster Auto Seating Designs is run by experts in the leather industry with over 25 years experience and specialisation in the automotive industry requirements.

The team at Haitton is highly qualified, headed by a qualified leather technologist and has the most modern equipment to serve the industry demands imported from Japan. Raw materials are sourced from ISO certified companies only, because of which you as the customer is ensured of the highest quality at the most economical cost.

At Haitton the endeavour has always been to provide the customers with the best in quality, durability, comfort and attractiveness. It has been their constant persuasion to provide the best with innovative designs which have been evolving over the years and also have their required mass appeal.

About Haitton products

What's life without choices? It's a reflection of your personality. your tastes. It's you. It's your style. It's what makes you who you are. It's what makes you unique. It's your identity. And it's clad in leather - at its finest. Just like you deserve. Because nothing epitomises luxury like leather.

After all, luxury is a choice you make.

This website will help you choose the Haiton leather of your choice in the precise colour and texture that you deserve.

Expert craftmanship, leading-edge technology and the finest hides known to man. These are but the very elements that make Haiton leather the finest there is. This and an unwavering commitment towards stringent quality standards make us one of India's most well established leather manufacturers and distributors.

Backed by our strong design and R&D resources we can effortlessly customise designs to suit individual customer requirements and budget. Our highly capable production facilities, an exhaustive collection and a range of original designs in various colours help us offer a choice of customised options for every need.

what makes haitton special?

Moisture retardant

Helps sap out moisture to let the leather 'breathe' and keep you cool.

lasting durability

Made from the finest raw hides, it is durable & ages beautifully.


Safe & comfortable


Ensures minimum maintenance

Anti-static & dust repellant

Keeps surfaces clean and dust-free

Specially made for India

Treated to suit the climate, it's practical & convenient

haitton's luxury with ease

At Haitton, we offer you endless possibilities for customisation.
Here's an easy way to help you get started

Leather can be used to enhance your car interiors in many ways - Seats, Door pads, Steering, Gear knob and more. Begin with setting on which areas of your car you'd like to give the Haiton touch of luxury.

Sourced from the finest tanneries around theworld, Haitton offers and range of textures & finishes to choose from. Select the type of leather you would like in your car.

There are as many colours of Haitton Genuine Leather as you can think of. So whatever the personality you would like to have in your car, you will find it in Haitton leather.

What's your stitch?
Choose the type of stitch you'd like

English single pointed

English double pointed

French seam

French double seam

Haitton Art Leather

Who says luxury, style, comfort and convenience cannot be had on a budget? Haitton offers a complete range of art leather seating options that compromise on nothing and makes perfect sense to your wallet. Made with the same stringent standards that Haitton is renowned for, and from the finest quality Polyurethane and PVC.

Haitton Art Leather gives you the same look, feel and properties of genuine leather. It's an entire world of choice that gives you the option of customising your car interiors just the way you like it, be it colour, texture or style of leather, without of course the high cost.

The advantage of Art Leather
Haitton Artificial Leather is amde from the finest synthetic materials. This very fact makes it a great choice for Indian conditions in terms of durability and cost. Though made of synthetic materials you's be hard pressed to tell the difference from real genuine leather. It looks and feels the same yet is far easier to maintain and resists harsh weather conditions well.

That's the advantage of art, Haitton Art.